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Lowdown Entertainment is a video production company established by Matt Barse back in 1997, originally starting by out making very low-budget features and shorts with a VHS camera and a drive to make movies, no matter how.  (It actually goes much further back, more like 1991, shooting adventure movies in a wooded area behind his house.)

After being self taught in many aspects of underground filmmaking, it was decided to go to film school.  Barse developed his creative skills in the Fine Arts Department at the University of Oklahoma and technical know-how at the Oklahoma City Community College Film Program, still finding time to make shorts when possible, and using life experiences to create unique and relatable works of art, which can be described as "fact-based fiction."

Lowdown's first professional short happened in 2007 with the production of Liquor, Beer & Wine.  Up until then, he was a one-man shooting crew.  Utilizing the talents of cast and crew from students at OU and OCCC, the short had a small amount of success in the festival circuit.  Lowdown Entertainment, to date, has produced four professional shorts, with no less than two more, a documentary and a feature in the works.

In addition to producing movies, Lowdown Entertainment also offers professional services such as wedding videos, public service announcements, commercials and VHS-to-DVD transfers, to name a few. Examples of our work and prices/packages can be found on the website.


Our motto is we are "dedicated to giving you the wildest, most unique moviegoing experience possible," and we apply that to all of our projects.

"A truly successful cinematic accomplishment inevitably results in the absolute compulsion of the viewer to discuss the film in question with one or more others for the duration of at least a good fifteen minutes, subsequent to initial screening."

– Unknown

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